Heirs to Still Being or Having? - Modus Operandi

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The detailed explanation of the treatment modus operandi is too long to go into in this conference. I will, therefore, simply outline the main phases of the process.

Establishing communication within the system: The information that is disrupting the system resides within the system. Therefore, it is within the system that we must seek it in order to liberate what must be liberated. However, the entire body system must first be brought into a state of communication great enough for it to surrender the information. This first phase is the most important and longest phase of treatment. It draws upon general osteopathic approach techniques, in particular compression of the occiput.

Seeking, finding and liberating areas of retention: This becomes possible once communication has been established within the system. The mechanical approach is used first: a retention disrupts the mechanics of a plastic and pulsating system much like an insect caught in a spider’s web disturbs the harmony of the web.

Restoring harmony in the system: Since an area of retention disrupts the entire body system, its liberation, though salutary for the organism’s life force, will trigger a change that the system may find challenging to manage. The practitioner’s first duty is to help the patient’s body system regain balance, in particular by helping them recenter themselves about their primary mechanical axis (the dura mater) and their physiological fulcrum, Sutherland’s fulcrum.