Heirs to Still Being or Having? - In conclusion

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In Conclusion

In this brief presentation, I have attempted to present the foundations of the tissular approach as succinctly as possible. This is not simply an understanding of osteopathy, it is an understanding of life. This approach underlies everything I do as a practitioner and as a man. It gives me coherence. My understanding emerged gradually, along with the realization that in osteopathic treatment, the practitioner’s relationship with his/her patient cannot be that of an external, neutral facilitator. As Becker says, the therapeutic relationship engages two beings in their voluntary and involuntary mechanisms. Two beings impacting each other and responding to each other. It has become clear to me that the limitations of osteopathy are in essence those of the osteopath, which implies that in order to help patients more effectively, osteopaths must first help themselves and follow a path of personal development. Seen in this light, I see osteopathy as a pioneering approach in the implementation of a new therapeutic paradigm.

Translation: Naomi Walker